The Wild Farm – preserved assiduousness and senses of the nature

11 Feb

IMG_8481In this article, the headlines are about the people who have blended in their souls the purity of nature and the energy and industriousness of their ancestors

There was this thought of a genius, saying that “The one who was born to fly cannot crawl”. In this article, which I have long wanted to write, following a meeting at the place where the characters, probably incomprehensible for many of us, live and toil, the headlines here is not birds, the big issue are the people who have blended in their souls the purity of nature and the energy and industriousness of their ancestors. Maybe because they have the blood of the descendants of the refugees from Thrace, who settled here in the last century, with all the “furniture” and livestock, they could take with them, in one of the most amazing wild regions of the country – that of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains. And if, back in 1913, the row of the doomed came down a bloody road from Alexandropoulos (Dedeagach) to Madzharovo, today it is a happy fortune that in one of the villages of their last rescue – the village of Gorno pole, in the Municipality of Madjarovo, live and work young people from flesh and blood, Blagovesta and Nikolay Vassilevi, with their four children.

Back in 1996, Betty and Nicholay sold their apartment in the city of Plovdiv to buy their first cow, now breeding, in an environmentally friendly way, approximately 450 pieces of cattle – 150 of the local breed – Rhodope Short-Horned Cattle and 300 of the protected Old Bulgarian Grey cattle breed. A year from now, they were welcoming their guests in the old ancestral house of Nickolay that they call the „Wild Farm”. Although it had only one room to accommodate tourists, it became a popular destination for people, coming to feel the magic of the Eastern Rhodope Mountains.

The philosophy of the valued rationalized care, and not just possessing the animals and having power over wild nature

For Betty and Nicky also breed sheep and horses. Their farm has certificates for the beef meat, the honey and the vegetables from their own garden. They also have certificates for the pastures, on which their cattle, horses and ship are bred. Most of the guests are school students and individual tourists, who have visited the farm as of today. Their number being 1500, yet a month ago, with the opportunities only one room can offer, is amazing. The tourists are attracted by the delicious organic and local food that the Vassilevs family can offer, as well as the many adventures, some of them impossible and way too different from the other entertainment places, such as horseback riding, boating, picnicking in the woods, looking for wild honey bees, catching a wild cow with a lasso, bird watching of the rare, world-known vulture species, which you can see here. These, otherwise raptor birds, sometimes fly through their back yard, as though they are some of their house pets. Some of Betty and Nicky’s guests make their mind to go on a hiking trip with them for minerals and even shliharstvo (gold mining).

For one month now, the hospitality of the radiant native people is welcoming and brightening the day of a large number of tourists, constantly surging to come and visit the wildlife of Eastern Rhodopes. It is a fact, because on April 26, the new Guest House, part of the „Wild farm”  was officially open. It came to reality with the support of the Bulgarian and Dutch Project – the „New Thracian Gold”. Now the hosts have the opportunity to accommodate their guests in a total of six rooms. As a family, the young farmers have became an example of the impact of the three components of the “New Thracian Gold” – they develop eco-tourism, they produce organic products and breed their cows from the local breeds

Author: Mariela Illieva

You can read the entire publication in the 2012 June edition of the magazine

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