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Hello Betty, Nicky & family!

12 Feb

Zdrasti Betty, Nicky & family! I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the FWAG Group from England for the excellent visit to your farm at Gorno Pole on 23rd May! It was one of the most intersting visits, and we were very impressed with your diversification into tourism on the farm, and wish […]

Rhodope Mountains, the home of the first farm certified for organic meat

12 Feb

Rhodope Short-horned cattle The Bulgarian meat market is quite specific. It is almost impossible to find authentic veal on it. There is plenty of beef for sale but veal is almost nonexistent. This is the legacy of communism when Bulgaria chiefly staked on dairy cattle breeding. It allowed the country to export its celebrated yogurt […]

They call it The Wild Farm

12 Feb

They call it The Wild Farm by Meindert Brouwer   They call their guesthouse The Wild Farm, ‘a rural house for adventures in the Eastern Rhodope’. And wild it is, not the farm, but the region. Father Nikki, mother Betty and their four children live on the verge of the hamlet of Gorno Pole in […]

Dear Betty and Nikki

12 Feb

Dear Betty and Nikki, One month ago we met. Martine and I have enjoyed our stay at your guesthouse very much. It has been very nice meeting you both and we hope you and your children are doing well. I have completed the story about the start of the The New Thracian Gold-project in the […]

The Wild Farm – preserved assiduousness and senses of the nature

11 Feb

In this article, the headlines are about the people who have blended in their souls the purity of nature and the energy and industriousness of their ancestors There was this thought of a genius, saying that “The one who was born to fly cannot crawl”. In this article, which I have long wanted to write, […]